DM4BigD Mar 15, 18 8:26 PM

If your account was flagged with a day trade then it will be removed on the following Tuesday per your example

securitiesdealer123 Mar 15, 18 9:10 PM

PDT rule only affects margin accounts. My solution is just to go long with a cash account until you acquire the 25k.

dauber360 Mar 16, 18 4:13 AM

Most brokers will keep tabs on your day trades and make that info visible.

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gigined Apr 14, 17 1:31 PM

Try e-Trade just need 500. I believe, Have a nice weekend.

YawnAlot Apr 14, 17 7:16 PM

U can give Robinhood Gold a try, commission free, executions for me are very good, market orders fast, limit orders are fast too if there are bidders of course. Im currently looking to open a second account with either Etrade Pro or Interactive brokers

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