oldninja93 Jul 20, 18 8:19 PM

This depends on your trade size, your risk/reward plan, and your style of trading. It could drop as low as $3.00, the low it reached on 7/10. High on 7/3 was $4.01. So it has more history of getting lower than higher. May want to get out sooner rather than later, depending on the fundamentals and the sector.

kobayashimaru Jul 20, 18 10:11 PM

@oldninja93 Thank you so much for your input, it is appreciated. I did get out at 3.95. I did see that heavy line of resistance at 4.00 level

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Llubega Jul 19, 18 9:59 AM

Hi Old Ninja! I am very new at the game. I am still trying to learn as I go. I love your post and I appreciate the work and analysis. This post is especially to me because I bought 723 shares of PRPO at .65. I was cantemplating exiting today for a loss before I read your post. Now I am contempleating buying the dips. Why not realize some short term profit and buy back in on the dips since the stock is still up and down? You can still have the big cash in by the earnings date.

oldninja93 Jul 19, 18 10:38 AM

Hi Llubega, I think you are off to a good start asking questions like this. In general, I agree with you. With a stock that appears to be leveling out at its 52-week lows, a good strategy is to buy dips and get out quick intraday for a hundred or more in profit. Doing that over and over could add up to the similar total profit in the long run if it pops above $1 like I think it will. And if one just looked at today's first hour of trading, where it is down to $0.40 already and being run by t

oldninja93 Jul 19, 18 10:39 AM

the bots (trading to four decimal places), one might think I made a mistake yesterday. But, I've added watching the total market into my trading and this morning the market as a whole is down. The company's fundamentals haven't changed, so I'll be patient until Q2 actually comes out. However, I think one should keep in mind the T+2 settlement period for the dip buying strategy. For a smaller account, a large position will mean that one can benefit from the dip buy, but then have to wait two

oldninja93 Jul 19, 18 10:40 AM

two trading days before being able to buy again. So that's 2.5 trades per week doing this. Although I'm tempted to dip buy, I'm thinking my average right now is still nearish the lows that I can still aim for the 1-2 lump sum payout. We'll see though. Good trading to you!

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oldninja93 Apr 08, 18 11:37 AM

@cidguy Appreciate it. You've given me the idea to look at other AKER trades that members have made to look at entries and exits.

BillMurray Apr 08, 18 11:40 AM

Anytime Ninja. I play Bio Techs a lot with great success. Just gotta be careful that you don't catch a falling knife.

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