$3,487 profit TSNP Long Stock

Entry comments: I missed the first big panic but volume is slowing now and I think a good case can be made for a double bottom, goal is to sell into a bounce in the .90s ideally

Exit comments: Nice little win here, goals achieved, not gonna get too aggressive on this play or in this market, up to .92 as I type this so maybe I'm exiting early, but good to lock in singles in this market, safety first

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StefanSchwarz13 Feb 25, 3:28 PM

@timothysykes I thought about following that lead, but it didn't drop enough and I didn't think I would get the fill quick enough, so I opted to watch and wait. Glad you got the nice win here!

Windwalzer Feb 25, 11:04 PM

That was nice to see in the Goode webinar. Thank you.

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-$968 loss TSNP Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial position on this dip off the highs in the 1.20s on this former runner, morning spiker, I think it can retest those highs and ideally go to the 1.30s or 1.40s too

Exit comments: Cutting losses here, another dud for me, missed the perfect AABB panic and bounce too, gotta get disciplined and focus on my better patterns

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Lubosi7 Feb 25, 10:00 AM

I believe this trade..thank you for your alerts

Emeraldarcher21 Feb 25, 12:06 PM

It definitely did not perform as I expected, I was shocked to see you jumping in at that point.

Windwalzer Feb 25, 10:27 PM

Michael Goode was wondering why you got in this one while he was doing a webinar for Mark Croock. Good lesson.

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$6,192 profit TSNP Long Stock

Entry comments: CLASSIC http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic here, goal is to make 5-15% on the bounce

Exit comments: Solid winner here, wish it had bigger panic, but I'll take what I can get, I prepared everyoneeeee for this in last night's challenge webinar

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ErykaVS Feb 18, 9:44 AM

You sure did Tim!

Stockbusters Feb 18, 10:30 AM

You did Tim! Superb and nice trade from you!

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