$1,441 profit AABB Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this former Supernova spiking late day in anticipation of their upcoming new product launch on Sept 7th https://tinyurl.com/3ynrkht9 as its spiked big in the past ahead of its gold-backed crypto a few years ago, lets see how far it can go, video lesson coming this weekend

Exit comments: PERFECT over-the-weekend play, I won't get greedy, just locking in this solid single

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tupuad Sep 06, 22 10:06 AM

Good Weekend call, thanks tim.

JFondren Nov 26, 22 11:23 AM

Thx Tim Awesome Job

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poniboy1 Aug 30, 22 8:49 PM

Nice to see I picked some of the same picks

001CP Aug 31, 22 8:16 AM

Thanks Tim

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