Good afternoon Tim, I am making a poster to tape above my computer as I know during trades or just in general sometimes you forget rules. So I made a list here of all the ones I could remember from you and could you please let me know if I'm missing any 1.cut losses quickly 2.stick to your plan 3.track all trades 4.study hard and never stop 5. Be extremely cautious of midday trades/ don't trade them at all 6. Don't trade random patterns 7. Don't force trades 8. Stay motivated it will all be worth it in the end 9. It's a marathon not a sprint 10. Learn to become self sufficient 11. Ignore the negative people 12. Don't believe or fall in love with the penny stock scams 13. Never give up 14. Use mental stops 15. If you trade scared trading isn't so scary 16. Trade like a sniper 17.only come out of retirement if you feel you'd miss out If you have any more or ones that I missed I'd greatly appreciate if you mentioned them so I can add to my poster. Thank you in advance and have a good weekend

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