After much thought and consideration I will finally be leaving TD Ameritrade as my Broker. Looking at my own records since April without comissions/trade costs I have profited over $2K with TD's trade costs I am actually -$1K. This is unacceptable. I find myself stressed thinking I am a terrible trader because my account keeps going down when in reality I'm okay and just need to be more disciplined. Starting September 1st I should be full time in Fidelity and I am looking to see this change a positive result in my trading. Baby steps is all I want and consistency. In addition this gives me more flexibility to potentially scale in or out of trades without the concern of wasting 7-10 dollars per buy/sale. This should help with my fears and allow me to lock in partial winners much more often. Current strategy has always been to buy full position and sell full position at my exit. This thought process has always left me with fear of missing the bigger move or having to hit a certain profit goal every time. Wanted to mark this day for myself so that I remember when it changed and if it really did make a difference.

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