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Windwalzer Mar 29, 4:50 PM

Michael your explanation about the SEC halts and violations/suspensions are good knowledge to have. Thank you for you webinars, I always get so many helpful pieces of information. I look forward to your next one.

Quise79 Apr 07, 8:54 AM

Great clarification on the differences between SEC and Volatility Halts. Thanks Michael

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i took some more meh plays, which cut me up pretty bad, but a first green day on $AABB has me up $380 now, pretty hyped about that, i dont want to give my profits back, so im just gonna wait for the best settups, i screwed up not capitalizing on some other spikers today, because of me being scared, eventhough the play was good, gotta keep improving.

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$1,470 profit AABB Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial position on this strong first green day on a former runner, probly gonna hold it overnight, haven't seen any OTC halts lately, perhaps the coast is clear? We'll see, not a huge $ position for me, but too perfect of a pattern to ignore, goal is to sell in the .30s tomorrow

Exit comments: Getting toppy again right near morning highs, no thanks, shoulda woulda coulda held UAMM longer instead as that one is up to the .13s now, congrats t all longs with patience there, glad I made some at least

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-$75 loss AABB Long Stock

Entry comments: Got a small piece of this big mover on slight dip off day high, I think it can power through the .28 day high, goal is to sell in the .30s, cut losses fast if it cant breakout as this is a former runner momentum play

Exit comments: Cut losses on this failed breakout to focus on new STT play KGKG

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Windwalzer Mar 15, 5:25 PM

You traded this one as you explained in your last live webinar. Thank you for sharing.

Shawverb Mar 18, 3:59 PM

It’s on the move again, what are your thoughts on it today?

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