$1,950 profit ANY Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this crypto play breaking out today on the back of this news https://tim.ly/34zl1MQ that will make them one of the largest miners in the world, and it just took out day highs at $3ish so let's see how far it can go. Small $ position due to overall market risk and since crypto trades all weekend, but I think this can spike another 5-10-15% from its current price as more people see the news and solid multiweek breakout. I'll review more in a weekend video lesson

Exit comments: I'm selling the rest of my position into this small gap up for solid overall gains. This didn't spike as much as I thought it would, but still glad to lock in this single over the weekend, especially given how much it dropped to the high 2s late Friday.

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Tusya1 Feb 05, 22 2:34 AM

Thank you.

john_metropulos Feb 12, 22 9:39 AM

I just studied this trades in detail. I like when you trade listed stocks so i can learn from the execution of entry and exit

Stivider Apr 05, 2:10 AM

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Please congratulate Nick on his solid MDMP gain today https://tim.ly/3Hq97ng well done man!

rechinu Feb 02, 22 4:01 PM

Can you unblock me on Twitter As you said you don't mind peoples who tell his own opinions

rechinu Feb 02, 22 4:04 PM

radumazare2 is my account on Twitter and you recently blocked me / Because I commented on tim Bohen's 1500$ offert that anybody can build up his own scanner of spotting those low float stocks

rechinu Feb 02, 22 4:06 PM

If you're not afraid of hatters and you like them to challenge you go ahead and unblock my account so I will be able to see your tweets in boring trading days like today

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