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mynbtsa Jan 05, 4:24 PM

Thanks Tim, great video

GreenHornetKush Mar 14, 12:57 PM

You want to stay listed on the nasdaq because of exposure and institutional investors owning your shares.

PapaD Jun 19, 3:07 PM

Thank you so much for this lesson Tim. It is gold for me. I want to play in a couple R/S stocks but wasn't comfortable enough. You've changed that!

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MiaPlateau Mar 29, 4:49 PM

• Any – Holiday Spike, MICT - Spike • Most ridiculous Spikes to get are Friday Morning Spikes During Holidays. • 2nd Spikes occur more often on Fridays, especially on holidays. Even 3rd spikes but ita pushing it. • Be careful on speculation trades during Fridays.

JonathanIParra May 05, 7:27 PM

solid awesome , a nice morning dip spiker play I love it

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