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dfletch91 Apr 06, 3:16 PM

BRO!!! it's been a while since I've reached out to you, I just finished up studying your latest webinar. there about an 1hr and a half long but it takes me about 3 hrs to study them so I've gotta watched them archived so I can digest the information. I love the way you teach you have know idea how much you've helped me! like you mentioned about 3 or 4 webbys's ago my biggest adversary right now is me! not executing at key levels (hesitating) and lack of discipline (chasing) fear of losing instan

dfletch91 Apr 06, 3:23 PM

ly becoming fear of missing out. but I know that that only I can fix that problem. Anyway just wanna send my 100% gratitude and give you an update on my trading journey🙏🙏🙏

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ArtOfWar Jan 19, 3:44 PM

@cmwilliams3660 I appreciate it. I actually didn't take offense. I trade like a profitable millionaire trader so it is only a matter of time until the money shows it. I was actually trying to get him to understand it is merely a number. Again I appreciate your acknowledgement and support. Always love adding value however I can.

DDT Feb 02, 6:48 PM

Thanks Ellis.

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CrunchTime19 Nov 02, 23 7:33 PM

These will be next as I continue to study in the Challenge

aj_scoops Nov 16, 23 10:32 PM

Thanks for taking the time to make these video lessons! Much appreciated!

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Dillsion1 Sep 19, 23 3:26 AM

Awesome video lesson, I appreciate hearing your thought process. super insightful

amy_red Sep 19, 23 1:39 PM

Thanks Ellis. These are so tricky for new traders. Thanks for the lesson and encouraging us to focus on multi day runners with history.

Kingsalini Sep 20, 23 9:41 AM

Hell of a breakdown my G real rapp #Dopeness

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