Holdmytexan Aug 06, 20 12:43 PM

I was having the same problem when I chased his alerts, the last couple I was more prepared and had already seen them on the scan before he alerted so I was watching.

trentdot Aug 06, 20 12:47 PM

Ive had the same problem. I do not get alerts on time and end up hurting from it. I actually did much better in the market before purchasing the supernova alerts.

Raylbc27 Aug 10, 20 11:54 PM

This alerts are not really meant to be followed in. Only for education learning on why he alerted.

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Just wanted to give a shout out to @markcroock- great webinar today! @timothysykes @kroyrunner @MichaelGoode @TimLento and everyone else in the challenge. I have learned more in the last week and half than I did in the past 15 years. Hopefully done working the 9-5 by the end of the year.

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motyben Jul 13, 20 3:41 PM

Where this webinar can be watched ? ill appreciate a link

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