I've been going through and reviewing my trades and have finally seen what I need to do. I've been trying to trade options because they offer the biggest upside for small accounts. This has pushed my focus to the wrong things and causing me to force trades and have a money mindset. What I have figured out is, yes options can grow your account faster but they can and will crush your account if you don't trade them correctly. That being said, I'm not giving up on trading them, only putting it on hold until I have a solid foundation and a large enough account to take a few hits. Instead I;m going to do another reset, focus on what I can do now to grow my knowledge and trading account with small positions in stocks. I've also decided I will join the Steady Trade team with Bohen in the next couple of months. The reasons for choosing this over Tim's challenge at this time are simple. I can continue to study Tim's videos here on profit.ly, Bohen also teaches swing trading along with day trading, price, and more direct access to the mentors. I may not trade much over the next few days or weeks because of family issues and lack of focus . When I can trade I will focus on mornings and EOD for potential swings. I am always open to questions, advice, and constructive criticism so feel free to message me here or on twitter. Stay safe everyone and study up!

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