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Chris6488 Jan 15, 1:34 PM

Thank you Ellis, great live trading videos, will watch them all!

RRTrades Jan 30, 7:26 PM

great explanation of the trade.

Iunfa Mar 06, 11:29 AM

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Watching at the summit, great job, inspiring journey

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Griff Sep 16, 22 4:17 PM

@oswald I would start by ensuring you read about Fibonacci lines on charts. That is the single thing that made the world of difference to me.

oswald Sep 16, 22 8:02 PM

Thanks, I will start that this weekend!!! Is there a book or website you recommend? Thanks for the help!

Griff Sep 17, 22 8:11 AM

@oswald 3 books I recommend but I'm not aware of anything specific to fibs. There is much online to watch on the subject though: 1. Japanese candlestick Charting Techniques/Steve Nison 2. Volume Price Analysis/Anna Couling 3. Technical Analysis Using Multiple Time Frames/Brian Shannon

oswald Sep 18, 22 4:13 AM

Great thank you!

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