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millerruth23 Sep 22, 11:00 AM

length of time is fine as long as it doesn't hinder your up loads.

HolyDonuts Sep 24, 2:34 AM

Up to date, watched all your vids once now no doubt I'll watch them a couple more times. Don't worry about letting them run it's awesome and we can always speed it up if it's just consolidation. You sir are a legend much love from down Under

Crazey_Canuck Oct 11, 9:39 PM

No Worries about how long the tape runs the I can watch Level 2 the better. Thank you for your dedication to the process.

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millerruth23 Sep 03, 8:53 AM

This was an excellent video, I have been struggling with not executing my plans properly, it has caused me to not grow my account,so this was excellent for me to just see the discipline you showed in this trade.

Gabytrader Sep 03, 8:09 PM

Good stuff!! live trading, and words. Thanks Ellis!

BBaccSoon Sep 08, 7:20 PM

The dudes who got the most to say, got the least amount of verified trades. Ahaaa!

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ArtOfWar Aug 25, 1:52 PM

@gmen3322 Stay within a long term mind set and be disciplined with your trading, it will turn around.

Stefan_G Aug 25, 6:31 PM

one more great video/lesson! ty vm for taking your time to help us, rly appreciate your engagement.

Gabytrader Aug 25, 10:59 PM

Thanks so much man, well done, easy to follow and understand. Great!!

moritz Sep 15, 3:50 AM

Very helpful indeed

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