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tmtNick Apr 07, 9:06 PM

whats the difference btwn ur FRD shorts & the OEGD you just mentioned? also what tickers are some recent examples of OEGDs?

tmtNick Apr 07, 9:06 PM

Same with Shorting Green to red moves? Whats the difference & what are recent examples?

KaranKhanna Apr 09, 12:03 PM

OEGD is for single day runners and FRD is for multiday runners. G/R is when stock runs for multiple days gapping up each day and then goes under prev day close.

italTRADER Apr 13, 6:14 AM

i don't know how to use these karmas i receive them so i hit the link and here I am. I don't know if this is correct but here's my message "how are you enjoying this challenge chat room - I'm soooo hooked!"

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