$225 profit MGOL Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying this hard hit stock that is dropping as too many people expected a big pop on Messi's debut and instead it was a buy the rumor, sell the news event...but now it looks oversold and there's tons of support in the 1.90s I think this can bounce 4-8%, solid dip buying opportunity

Exit comments: I'm out for small profits, I tried having patience, but I'm not feeling great today and I'm not sure if the company will do an offering or have another morning panic tomorrow so just playing it extra-safe. Not a hugely exciting trade, but very good risk/reward so I'd try it again and again

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-$80 loss MGOL Long Stock

Entry comments: Not great price action into the close, but tonight Lionel Messi makes his Miami debit and his merch has already been going crazy as a new report said today https://tim.ly/3rDpGce so I can't help but take a small position over the weekend as the press will likely go crazy, as will social media. If price action were better this would be a huge position, but something seems off somehow, I'll explain more in a weekend video lesson. Goal is to make 5-10% upside

Exit comments: No gap up or morning spike so I'm out for small losses, worth a shot given Messi's debut and all the press. :Something is definitely wrong with this stock so I'm just exiting safely. Small losses are fine

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