$490 profit EPAZ Long Stock

Entry comments: Heavily beaten down recent runner up on good US Air Force news https://tim.ly/3lL6HtR premarket, thx STT Breaking News, goal is to make 10-20%, could be fast given the setup

Exit comments: Goals reached, only wish I had gotten executed with more shares, it was just so fast given the news and how badly this stock has been beaten down lately...this is EXACTLY why I wouldn't trade without http://tim.ly/breaking2 they nailed it early on

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$139 profit EPAZ Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on the dip buy on this play very similar to GDVM, looks to be just 1 big seller, not much pressure on the ask right now so I'm taking advantage of this big multiday dip off the highs and tons of support at .0093-.0094 if I'm wrong, goal is to sell above .01, nothing huge, but solid entry and risk/reward

Exit comments: Out for a small gan here, nothing huge as I said in initial alert, but low risk/low stress dip on a recent runner with tons of support...video lesson on this pattern coming son, be sure to watch it and learn from it!

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Inakiurab Mar 16, 8:04 AM

@timothysykes The volume was 9M at the moment you bought, but your position size value was bigger than 1%?

timothysykes Mar 16, 11:39 AM

@Inakiurab sub-penny stocks like this are easy to get in and out of with a few hundred thousand shares

Thom7 Mar 22, 7:08 PM

You make good sense. Thank-you Tim

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-$78 loss EPAZ Long Stock

Entry comments: I had to re-buy this big panicker as its selling off n low volume and dip buys have worked so well lately, goal is to makr 7-15% on the bounce, small $ position due to overall market risk

Exit comments: I'm out for small losses as there's just no bounce so it could go even lower in this ugly market right now, terribly managed trade, I'll review in a video lesson this weekend...not a big loss, but just frustrating to be so disciplined my past few trades then get too cocky and lose here...such an unnecessary loss, please be sure to watch my video lesson on this trade this weekend, I'll be harsh AF

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pucciolaw Mar 10, 12:32 PM

I got out of EPAZ on Wednesday after holding it for several days. Made small profit but did not like the way it was trading. Glad you got out!

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