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RockHopperAz May 05, 22 12:43 PM

Going to add this to my analysis! I will be studying this for sure. Thank you for taking the time to share with us

JHON25 Jul 22, 22 10:06 AM

great information thanks.

CarolleP Aug 02, 22 11:55 AM

thank you for sharing pin point knowledge

ephillips5 Sep 28, 22 10:09 AM

Troy, thank you again for all your input! I really appreciate what you share in the chatroom/the strategy your are addressing. Also, I am inspired by your profit chart! If you don't mind me asking, are you a full time trader?

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RicoSuave123 Apr 09, 21 5:56 PM

Thanks Sean. Im currently going thru that and its depressing especially when im red every single time i trade after putting a lot of effort with my studying. Been trading since 2019 and im still not consistent yet. but ill get there, just a matter of time.

JHON25 Apr 02, 4:00 PM

Thanks Sean for the great blog posts.

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