KNUT Oct 25, 7:08 AM

Hi. I saw this one to. There was an SEC filing 10/13. 566 pages. too big to read now, but must be in there, with 153% jum and no news... MACD just crossed, and it looks liek to this amature to have a lot of mometum behind her... This should take off I think.. I am just watching now.

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avi1090 Oct 25, 1:11 PM

Being that it's earnings season, I have followed your old advice and played the corrections with some success. This week is the first time my trades are 100% profitable, so with all due respect I reject every alert you have put out in the last few days

mynbtsa Oct 25, 1:40 PM

Thank you, appreciate your experience

aleon Oct 26, 1:22 AM

Thank you Tim

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