@kroyrunner: Hi Tim, Watched your presentation and it was awesome. Tracking pumpers is something completely fell out of my mind even though I went through Tim's DVD's and that is why it was great how you explained it. I know the pumpers websites are changing with time, and I kept looking for Brighton(I think this was the name) and awesomepennystocks and others. Just wanted to know how to build up the list? I have been using & but haven't found any big time promoters yet. May be I am doing it the wrong way. Your help will be appreciated. Also, if you can share your list that would be great.

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@kroyrunner Hi Tim, I just watched an hour plus presentation you gave and it was fantastic. Thanks for the info. You mentioned awesome penny stocks, and I went to their web site and they are now shut down( which I am sure you know), but I was wondering if you could let me know what promoters you look at now. Thanks again.

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@kroyrunner Hey Tim, I saw in a past video that you had a list of pumpers. Would you be willing to forward that to me? Thank you sir.

PennyFarmer Jun 10, 14 3:36 AM

Tim Grittani also has a youtube video with a good tip on getting hold of pumpers. Also try Tracking the Pump, so far its been useful (non paid email list)

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@mfekade36 just became a fully transparent trader today!

KNUT Jan 22, 14 6:34 PM

Hello... Just starting to get my trades on... Haven't done anything yet, but soon.

pekex Apr 06, 14 1:59 PM

Could you tell what broker do you use?

mfekade36 Apr 18, 14 2:30 PM

At the moment I use Etrade. But I'm planning to transfer either to SureTrader or joing Clique Fund L.P.

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