Decided not to trade last Friday because of the string of losses and have decided to take all of next week off and come back strong November 1st. Trading is a lot more than just having a good strategy. The last couple weeks have been user error’s with me specifically. Although I don’t use a lot of Tim’s strategies- the mentality he has is important to listen to. PROTECT your gains. Don’t trade setups that are not As or at least Bs (since I scalp more). Do NOT get greedy. I got used to the 10k days and wanted more and more and more to the point it got uncomfortable and I was risking more / taking on setups I shouldn’t. I got careless this past week with a SPAC play and a sister stock- didn’t look at all of the news and was quick to get in. DO NOT get complacent. Always remember where you came from- when 1k a day was awesome and 3k a day etc and remember the things trading allows you to do. You can make money (a lot of money!) from your home and in just a few hours a day. It’s truly an amazing thing. I am coming back in November with a green light, yellow light, red light mindset. Everyday starts with a green light- go make your minimum profit goals safely, then yellow light goes on where there’s no need to trade the rest of the day unless the setup is an A. Then red light is after 5:00 pm no trading ever and red light when I’m busy with other things and not 100% engaged with trading. I think this is going to help me grow consistently again and safely moving forward!

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holtzy Oct 28, 12:00 AM

Attaboy. Thanks for the post. I am inspired by your transparency. Love it.

BBaccSoon Oct 29, 10:13 AM

Been really digging your trade review podcasts with reverselong, you're gonna bounce back from this.

ATXTrader Nov 17, 12:53 AM

good for you to take a step back. Some of my biggest losses were when I was trading while preoccupied by household problems that required my attention.

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mujeres4x4 Dec 16, 20 7:08 AM

what company do you trade in? the one that you look at those diagrams? i have etrade and that good?

TessaLamping Dec 16, 20 9:08 AM

@alexandrado i dont understand what you're asking. I talk about my trades. And I guess. No broker is perfect. I use etrade.

mujeres4x4 Dec 17, 20 11:19 AM

@TessaLamping thanks thats the same one i have but i also have ameritrade, i am using them for a while before the challenge.

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