looking foward to meeting with Jon Kim from steady trade later this week! these subs are a bit confusing but ill get through it. YEE

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Got connected with stt pro and now studying through Tim's student portal and discovered a 30 day boot camp that I'm gonna nose dive into

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Superwild101 Jan 28, 10:42 PM

Don't worry i compare myself too and i have to keep reminding myself they started where we are now too and you have to start small don't worry some day we will get there ^_^

Lyoness Jan 29, 10:29 AM

Losses are a major motivating factor for change. I had a few big losses this year that led me to be a better trader. You're doing great, and thanks for your video!

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$720 profit DERM Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought his big morning spiker $1/share off its morning highs, goal is to make 5-10% on the bounce, small position due to risk heading into midday

Exit comments: Nice little bounce off its lows, whewwww, taking singles left and right today, it adds up nicely

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tstinson Oct 18, 19 11:56 AM

I am positioned for future. I paper traded this one and $CLIR Next time live

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