I really enjoyed your live trade video. I am 4 months into the challenge and have a small account, but I was drawn to the short patterns as the most reliable for some reason. I gained a lot of insight from your video. Thanks for sharing and for the transparency.

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holtzy Apr 06, 12:50 AM

Hey Kyle, beautiful video with such awesome transparency. I have a question about the March 16 loss that you took. You mentioned you didn't trade again that day to avoid revenge trading. When that happens, are you still watching the market closely, or are you checking out completely? Thanks again!

BUFFALOish Apr 06, 10:13 PM

super helpful video to see someone as skilled as yourself being challenged by the changing market - really appreciate your humble attitude and willingness to share your bad trades - I learned a ton from this video!

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StarSedz Apr 29, 11:49 PM

Thanks for the video, that was pretty cool and I've never seen questrade's platform before. This was especially nice because I'm working on morning panic bounce plays except you trade much larger size. Thanks again

KenMcA Jun 19, 10:57 PM

thats a sweet looking platform actually, do you pay extra for the level 2? Also does Questtrade have recording, or did you record that in another program? Thanks for the video Sean, I got right into it, I was panicking to sell right along with you 🤣

SeanLacap Jun 20, 12:05 AM

@KenMcA Yes, you have to pay extra for level 2. There is a built-in program in my laptop which allows screen recording.

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holtzy Mar 01, 12:32 AM

Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this video. It was very helpful to a noob like me. Very grateful to be allowed into your thought process during this insane time of the market. Thanks again!

clsams05 Mar 01, 10:10 PM

appreciate it as always kyle, thank you!

clsams05 Mar 02, 10:59 PM

thanks for the feb recap!!

Windwalzer Mar 10, 8:26 PM

Thank you for another monthly recap. It's great to see how you have progressed over this year that I've been in the challenge.

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@holtz just became a fully transparent trader today!

hgr67 Dec 13, 20 6:36 PM

Hi Holtz, I´m also brand new to the challenge also a week in now, interesting journey we are on.

holtzy Dec 13, 20 9:59 PM

Yes sir, I was blown away by how much I’ve learned in one week. Very excited and anticipating a great year.

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$720 profit CREX Long Stock

Entry comments: Rebought on actual press release https://tim.ly/2VNrnlc goal is to make 10-20%, could be fast

Exit comments: Wall of sellers at 2.40ish so I won't get greedy, another single for the day

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Windwalzer May 01, 20 12:12 AM

I get why you reentered. Thank you.

holtzy Jan 27, 12:18 AM

@timothysykes studying your past trades to learn more about panic dip buy patterns.

Grambo Feb 15, 9:11 PM

looking at this intraday chart and seeing the chart find support on first HOD in the morning is good to see. back to the books for now.

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