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trademaid Aug 01, 12:21 PM

Thank you! learned a lot on how you use support to trade, watching the higher lows until or if breaks. Being disciplined and following your own rules, no emotion, comfortable position size. Thank you!

26R_COLE Aug 11, 12:42 PM

Thank you for the video lesson Ellis

mmarton Sep 14, 6:35 PM

Well done Ellis! Great lesson!!

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ArtOfWar May 30, 10:06 AM

No. The price action and trends changed. Areas of resistance ( 3.20)that then become support should remain that way within the flow of my trade. If not I simply exit. I don’t care about PH in that instance.

ArtOfWar May 30, 4:46 PM

@onteng Understand the question better. No. I get out when 3.25 wasn’t holding because in my thoughts and reading price action it shouldn’t struggle that close to a previous resistive level.

Mauro Jun 07, 8:06 AM

Thanks for this. I love your live trading vids. They are great and really helpful for us newbies. Please keep them coming

owlbanks Jun 30, 12:48 PM

Thanks again! Very insightful!

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Crazey_Canuck Apr 05, 7:30 PM

Thank you Ellis I was going to trade this Thursday watched and learned instead actually I was waiting for a pull back however didn't break 3 when I was watching it then closed 3.19 and I always have to keep in mind a o/n play because of work isn't going to work right now. Anyways blah blah blah I thank you once again for all the work you put truly grateful my friend Peace out!

Radmacher Apr 06, 1:42 PM

Great trade watch this happen was a good move.

jakemcg36 Apr 21, 7:23 PM

Thanks for the video! Identifying where support is and how close or far away is something I definitely look for when Im looking to buy into a play

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Been a crazy year, now that I have a few followers on here, let me know if there are any topics you would want reviewed in video lessons. Happy Easter/Holiday if you celebrate this weekend. Cheers

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Sky_Hi_Trading Apr 04, 1:48 PM

Happy Easter to you! Thank you for all you do!

Crazey_Canuck Apr 05, 7:36 PM

Jack What ever you think that would help is all good by me. Truly grateful for all of you that turn around and give back to us all So thank you Peace Out!

Pat_ Jul 16, 5:02 PM

I'd love to hear about your long strategies for OTCs.

jgarc908 Sep 01, 10:45 AM

can you make a video on time value on options

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holtzy Apr 06, 12:50 AM

Hey Kyle, beautiful video with such awesome transparency. I have a question about the March 16 loss that you took. You mentioned you didn't trade again that day to avoid revenge trading. When that happens, are you still watching the market closely, or are you checking out completely? Thanks again!

BUFFALOish Apr 06, 10:13 PM

super helpful video to see someone as skilled as yourself being challenged by the changing market - really appreciate your humble attitude and willingness to share your bad trades - I learned a ton from this video!

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