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holtzy Apr 06, 12:50 AM

Hey Kyle, beautiful video with such awesome transparency. I have a question about the March 16 loss that you took. You mentioned you didn't trade again that day to avoid revenge trading. When that happens, are you still watching the market closely, or are you checking out completely? Thanks again!

BUFFALOish Apr 06, 10:13 PM

super helpful video to see someone as skilled as yourself being challenged by the changing market - really appreciate your humble attitude and willingness to share your bad trades - I learned a ton from this video!

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nickMO Jan 27, 16 7:12 AM

or recap about the trading day.

Missedy2 Jan 27, 16 9:37 AM

I really hope you dont quit and just take some time off. You've answered many questions I had and gave me advice and I appreciate it .Take a few weeks off if need be and still study and practice ... Both Tims said that in the begining they lost money but they didnt stop and look where they are now... I hope you decide to stick with it

bank_a_tronic Mar 30, 16 2:33 PM

Dustin, I think that you should stick with it, redouble your efforts and give it another go :)) This audiobook on the Secret Law of Vibration (Good Vibes) can really help & work on getting one's frame of mind more geared towards whatever they want to achieve:

bank_a_tronic Mar 30, 16 2:34 PM

Keep it up-there just aren't that many stellar trades everyday-hold out for the sure set-ups! ;) Keep your head up!

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ericgtm Jan 22, 16 7:30 PM

@JLLOYD Yeah, I agree. It's part or money management. Trade like a businessman. Make $100 to $200 a day then stop trading. Do that everyday and cash out consistently. Trade with the same size, scale in scale out. Keep emotions out.

ericgtm Jan 22, 16 7:32 PM

Some days you might make a killing. When you making a home run that's my queue to stop trading and wait the next day. And cash out of course ;)

JLLOYD30 Jan 22, 16 8:21 PM

@ericgtm I agree 100% with every thing you just said. Start with 5k and with draw all earning for the month. If earnings are substantial and your confidence has grown increase to 10k for the next month. And 5k each month this continues up to 25k. 25k is the max I would put on any one trade until I grew more comfortable.

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DKingston Jan 14, 16 11:33 AM

@JLLOYD There has been much more than 1 super nova. I listed several that have gained 100%+ in this month above in the comments. Take a look for yourself if you don't believe me. I would rather not list them all over again. Have an awesome day, and may God bless you in your trading!

JLLOYD30 Jan 14, 16 1:30 PM

@DKingston News flash ... 100% is not a supernova . A supernova is a stock that goes from $1 to 7 (example)

JLLOYD30 Jan 14, 16 1:32 PM

Mini supernova is like 400%ish ...anything under please

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Fabio85 Jan 06, 16 5:02 PM

Awesome, Thanks Tim! :)

Hazey Jan 06, 16 5:51 PM

Thanks Tim! I always lookout for your watchlist on twitter. Nice to know I will be able to find it here as well.

BUFFALOish Jan 08, 16 7:58 AM

Will be great to have an e-mail notification each day with your picks. Glad you are not including your bias only the ticker so we have to think for ourselves. Thank you!

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BUFFALOish Jan 08, 16 8:16 AM

love these recaps Tim, it really helps me with my own discipline after seeing your mistakes and how you plan to avoid them in the future. keep up the great work

BSW561 Jan 09, 16 9:40 PM

Definitely relate to when you were talking about making more money in a day/week/month etc. I find that when I make 500 to 1000 days I want to take it to the next level and this has been killing my account. Although I might make 300 here 400 there all of a sudden I'll get hit with a big loss because I'm not sizing down my risk level. Thanks for the recap. Great lessons.

BSW561 Jan 09, 16 9:41 PM

And when I mean take it to the next level I mean playing with too much size or not cutting losses fast or even adding.

Patience_Trader Jan 28, 16 8:37 PM

Thanks for sharing, looking forward to the Jan. recap.

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