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KShim Jan 22, 16 1:48 PM

Definately use Etrade to trade with. However, Their charts suck. Trade with Etrade, and look at Think or Swim for your chart. You can get this by making a free account at TD Ameritrade.

Rollingball Jan 22, 16 3:11 PM

Also, read as many books as you can find on making money in stocks. Does not matter if the books are specifically for penny stocks or not, they will still have some good information.

fastdounut Jan 22, 16 5:15 PM

How long is it free if you do 30 plus trades?@MejiaDiana19

MejiaDiana19 Jan 22, 16 6:02 PM

As long as you're hitting that quota, it'll always be free

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BigDog Jan 03, 16 6:59 PM

Great post, thank you, yeah, me too "completely readjusted my focus for 2016"

BowlesTrader5 Jan 03, 16 7:54 PM

Try paper trading but every great trader fails at some point, so be glad that yours is hopefully out of the way. Leave you emotions at the door and trade with a clear head from what you learned, and you at least won't LOOSE money

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