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BUFFALOish Jan 08, 16 8:16 AM

love these recaps Tim, it really helps me with my own discipline after seeing your mistakes and how you plan to avoid them in the future. keep up the great work

BSW561 Jan 09, 16 9:40 PM

Definitely relate to when you were talking about making more money in a day/week/month etc. I find that when I make 500 to 1000 days I want to take it to the next level and this has been killing my account. Although I might make 300 here 400 there all of a sudden I'll get hit with a big loss because I'm not sizing down my risk level. Thanks for the recap. Great lessons.

BSW561 Jan 09, 16 9:41 PM

And when I mean take it to the next level I mean playing with too much size or not cutting losses fast or even adding.

Patience_Trader Jan 28, 16 8:37 PM

Thanks for sharing, looking forward to the Jan. recap.

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BSW561 Jan 09, 16 10:05 PM

Good stuff. Definitely need to figure out what I'm doing wrong with terms of risk level and playing size. Thanks for the post. Good stuff.

chilitrader87 Jul 06, 16 12:12 PM

Nice video Tim, i have now made spreadsheets similar to yours and is working excellent for tracking P&L, while learning and taking extensive notes. Keep them coming ! Nice job

STicker Dec 13, 16 4:55 AM

Thank you so much, can you please add the link, I am really curious to read through all of your mistakes, as I assume I can learn also from them! Thanks again for sharing!

Tomislav Jul 28, 17 10:15 PM

Very nice!! Thank you!

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