Long $WDC from 47.04 down from 51 a nice bounce coming today to cover those shorts from yesterday.

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Eaglesfly100 Mar 25, 16 3:18 AM

Yes pennys stocks move so quickly seconds matter!!

mrkocer Mar 26, 16 6:07 PM

AJ which broker do you use?

mrkocer Mar 28, 16 11:19 AM

I see you do not short much penny stocks, regardless how's the availability short selling on WFargo?

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DapperDude Aug 09, 16 4:06 PM

I decided that I strayed too far from the progress I felt I was making when I started and decided to go back and figure out what works for me. In my after action today I said I need to find what works for me despite everyone else. I was also looking at how you started and you say the same thing here. You're still helping out man.

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