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LivingLarge88 Feb 11, 5:38 PM

Ouch yeah I'll get in touch with someone who is a recent user. Thanks!

1Jason_Raposo Feb 11, 8:44 PM

Not a prob. I did talk to my trading neighbor down the road today who uses Suretrader still. He had nothing positive to say, he said that alot of times if a play is OK to decent the extra charges commissions turn it into a loss

1Jason_Raposo Feb 11, 8:52 PM

I have been focusing in on the better setups which are many times more profitable than trading more times. Have a few different accounts both of my ETRADE accounts have grown plus Robinhood account has grown as well, RH has nothing no charts no shorts, no customer service only trade by the App. On a positive note does not charge a dime for trading unless your using the gold package which is 10 a month. Lol I use this account when I'm going absolutely nuts not trading the smaller plays it's my

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