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DapperDude Dec 26, 16 10:26 AM

@Jonk87 We are all here to learn how to be profitable in the stock market. We all take different paths, some make it, most don't. We can't deny the success of others and who are we, as losing traders especially, to judge others? I don't recall the specific quote or where it came from but "A wise man will learn more from a fool than a fool will learn from a wise man." Let us seek to continually learn from others, regardless of our beliefs. =)

Pandabear Dec 27, 16 9:58 AM

@Jonk87 I think he is Arick's friend. They trade together and I've seen his profit screenshots. He's legit :)

bank_a_tronic Mar 02, 17 3:18 AM

Love these positive vibes that he posts! Unfortunate that there are those that would put it down- esp. When its on your own page. Smh Thank you for eveything that you continually do for the community! Your vibe/ profits/ webinars are legit! :)

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