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Csethc77 Apr 03, 17 1:44 AM

Im not a paying member anymore but usually come and read a few peoples lists. I always enjoy reading your lists, always well thought out w great analysis. I look forward to reading that you did not "miss it" and pulled the trigger and "nailed it". Are you possibly looking at to many plays? Your definately a sharp guy, enjoy your commentary. Im rooting for you!!

RichieM Apr 03, 17 8:06 AM

@Csethc77 Thanks I appreciate it! Yes I try to narrow down my focus to 2-3 plays but get caught up in watching more but have to pull the trigger when I see something, thanks I will keep working hard and get better appreciate it!

ZachR Apr 04, 17 8:15 AM

Thanks for posting very insightful.

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The1Valentine Mar 04, 17 11:04 PM

What happened? Hard to answer your question if we have no info.

The1Valentine Mar 04, 17 11:05 PM

I saw $DRYS if that was what you were trading for your first trade that could be the issue.

Csethc77 Mar 05, 17 12:36 AM

Stay AWAY from DRYS......or buy when they announce the dilution/offering is over sell into the spike w a quickness

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Csethc77 Feb 24, 17 6:44 PM

I had fidelity and recently transfered most of my assets to Etrade. I strongly recomend STT for scans or Etrade. I found the active trader pro to not be very user friendly and did not fit my style. I still have a small fidelity account but Etrade much better for shorting, fidelity never had shares available

Jimmy220 Feb 24, 17 10:57 PM

@Csethc77 Thanks for your reply. I hope to open a margin account and try out short selling on Fidelity first.

profitsGalore Feb 25, 17 6:48 AM

I don't like Fidelity's scanner. It's very basic. So I use EquityFeed. Yes, you have to call them for hard to borrow shorts. Try calling them in premarket hours to get the stocks you want to short. I don't change the color for the level 2 feed. I like Fidelity's customer service, but I will probably use another broker soon They are very limited.

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bodazaphfa Feb 17, 17 4:02 AM

MSRT is another email pump.My advice in the kindest way is to focus on studying and not trying to make it big with one trade because one trade will not make you rich;however,one trade can ruin you.

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Turbobob Feb 02, 17 9:24 PM

april4 - those are the trades going through. Green means the trade went through on the offer (uptick) and red means the trade went through on the bid (down tick). White is between the bid and the offer.

marcb2001 Feb 02, 17 9:36 PM

Great. I know futures traders that use the 8, 21 or 34 ems in the exact same way.

Aphilip Feb 03, 17 7:53 AM

What platform do you use?

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