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koolboy160 Feb 18, 17 8:13 PM

How did you find this stock?

HoustonParker Feb 18, 17 8:20 PM

@koolboy160 I went through and did a specific research method I always do to find plays!

Nonnenmann Feb 18, 17 8:57 PM

Nice review, always looking at your post :)

StoxxRock Feb 19, 17 12:36 PM

@HoustonParker Nice find. What is your research method for finding these? Can you detail that?

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ftmanglona Feb 17, 17 9:13 PM

Etrade also executes trades much quicker than most brokers which is nice. Again though, shorting is something i hear a lot of complaints about. Finding shares so to speak

HoustonParker Feb 17, 17 9:15 PM

@ftmanglona Interesting. And I should have mentioned I do have enough for IB. It's only 3k since I'm under a certain age. I think its 24 or 25

ftmanglona Feb 17, 17 9:27 PM

@HoustonParker oh thats interesting. The more you know. Well i hear that IB is like the holy grail.

Madbash Feb 18, 17 7:28 AM

@HoustonParker I have etrade and IB, and I use IB for 95% of my trades. IB Executions are often lightning fast, and are often at a good price. If you are going to scale into trades Etrade will crush you with commissions, but statistically my round trip IB trades are about $15 while etrade will be at least $20. If it were not for Etrade pro I would be strictly STT and IB. Good Luck!

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felexx020 Nov 06, 16 7:58 PM

If you know of any please let me know too, thanks..................

Fox_Trader Nov 06, 16 8:23 PM

Check out Krassy he seems to always have a good knowledge about the ones going on right now, another spot is on the Pumps category on here.

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