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LegalPimp Jan 25, 1:53 AM

what do you mean when you say "Shorts 6.5 days to cover."

Centaurion Jan 25, 7:42 AM

How do you know how long the shorts will have to cover? isn't it based on the broker?

DapperDude Jan 25, 8:50 AM

It's a calculation of the amount of shares short divided by the average volume, the higher the number the better the odds of a squeeze. Thought I would save you some time @Turbobob =)

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1Centaurion Jan 13, 1:10 PM

I bought on the morning panic of 1.33 sold at like 10:45am at $1.53 x 1,600 shares solid $300.00 in profits after commission I'll take it!

1kassip Jan 13, 1:28 PM

@Centaurion Thanks for sharing!.Today is my First buy! I bought at $1.23 about 10 AM and tried to get out at 1.56-1.59. I couldnt get it done. I am still in there trying to get the fees covered (only bought 100 shares) I need to buy more shares in the future. Its been fun though!

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Centaurion Jan 11, 7:43 AM

What gives the signal that DFFN was a pump? the fact that trading was stopped due to volatility multiple times throughout the morning?


@Centaurion No it was the longterm char that gave it away. A stock with a 100 day chart like that, is an indefinite pump. Now not all pumps have charts like that, but if it does it is a pump.

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