MaverickRTG May 10, 17 10:41 AM

I respectfully disagree, a flag isn't an indicator it is a simple intraday chart pattern although I don't usually play it and the moving averages mostly don't work but some serve as areas of support and resistance since 90% of people are using them, the 200ma on the daily for example really serves as a SR area a lot of the times. P.S. This aren't indicators these are my lines so people can see what I was seeing not some programmed indicators.

timothysykes May 10, 17 11:23 AM

@MaverickRTG flags are bullshit, MA are bullshit, you focus on this little shit and completely ignore the big picture with MTBC, but why listen to me, I only have 19 years experience and have only made $4.6 million, right? Learn the hard way, it's sad

MaverickRTG May 10, 17 12:00 PM

I do learn from you lmao and I do look at the big picture, low float gapper on news with volume also a former runner. I dont use any of those indicators to enter trades, price action is always king, instead of raging I'm always open for some constructive criticism like where you think a good buy was, since the stock shot up without any consolidation straight out of the gate.

Jimmy220 May 10, 17 2:01 PM

I think flags are legit price action patterns, but not necessarily in the current market in May, especially with these stocks.

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MaverickRTG May 09, 17 12:54 PM

Thanks a lot and yes everything worked out fine and my small trading profits actually played a nice part in it, so I more motivated then ever.

Torkers May 09, 17 12:57 PM

Sounds like a good plan - gl !!

WestSou May 09, 17 6:22 PM

just surfing and stumble into your chart @minibubble definitely a good start

WestSou May 09, 17 7:58 PM

ill be following you. keep it up

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lofloatJAM Apr 21, 17 8:30 PM

Maverick awesome job. Keep it up. On the right track

Fox_Trader Apr 21, 17 8:46 PM

Impressive spreadsheet , looks comparable to one of mine. Make a short and sweet paragraph for each trade, get a notebook or a binder to keep up with notes.

Torkers Apr 22, 17 9:58 AM

Great job ! Keep it up and you will stay profitable!!

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Jonk87 Feb 24, 17 12:46 AM

@Thebadguy I actually haven't seen Wold Millionaire program but I want to - I work in advertising full-time so I wanted to try and apply what I do for brands on my self to see if it works, and it does :-) Mostly though, just being yourself and hones are they key things.

Thebadguy Feb 24, 17 11:37 AM

You've got a good thing going!

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JFVisuals Feb 19, 17 11:57 PM

Something about a holiday? :-)

MaverickRTG Feb 20, 17 5:00 AM

My bad, I write these so often that I don't even look at the title of it hahaha It's meant for tuesday.

TradeVerve Feb 20, 17 10:42 AM

Made my first trade on Friday, guessing long and guessing wrong on $PPHM. I'm now down $70, but I think I know at least a couple things I did wrong with it.

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