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Patilicious Mar 06, 17 4:45 AM

Which one is bullish ? Pphm RNVA ?

OceanRider Mar 06, 17 5:36 AM

The initial spike for PPHM week before last was from someone buying buying a large number of options. I looked at it then but passed as I wasnt able to determine if itw as worth entering on the spiked options interest alone. . I saw this make your list the following week. Good call on that. From the looks of it, lot of people did well.

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Flockstock Mar 05, 17 6:38 PM

Perfect call on PPHM turned out to be classic textbook but not ideal setup.... Stock has run in the past,had good volume, good consolidation, and was cloing near the day high. Let stock prove itself by consoladating then taking out a key level

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