@ilikebbstock the trades you post aren't the actual trading days right? (GAHC Jun 9) you have very nice consistent chart, I'm just trying to learn as much as I can, been in debt too long, fixing to do something about it , hope you don't mind me snooping around... happy trading.

ilikebbstock Jul 21, 17 1:10 PM

you have to drill down to get the details of the actual trades, the ones indicates are the average price bought and sold only

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@ilikebbstock I just looked up a random stock, $ZNTR 855 m float, how easy is it to get filled, in our out?

Juanfriesen Jul 21, 17 11:09 AM

what do you mean by not sure you'd want to know? if you're trading these sub-penny-stocks, you must have a very effective strategy, I can see you're very successful, I'd like to know how as much as you like to share, no offense.

ilikebbstock Jul 21, 17 1:16 PM

because ZNTR was running on bogus info that they were bitcoin. They are not. the ceo has another co. that is bitcoin.

Juanfriesen Jul 24, 17 8:39 PM

thx for the reply, ZNTR was just an example, I was wondering how easy it is to get filled in general trading these sup-penny stocks.

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Growth4me Feb 02, 17 8:51 AM

Took a 5 minute ride on PULM from 4.19 to 4.65 for $55 just before going to work! Woohoo!!

darian_flores2 Feb 02, 17 10:16 AM

Pulm exploded like a rocket ship brother, good call

Radioman Feb 02, 17 10:33 AM

Thanks, Tim for teaching. I appreciate your generosity through your charity. I am aiming to do the same--to provide education to those who are in need. But right now, I'll just keep on studying.

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