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amsbeats Apr 25, 19 12:05 AM

Great stuff! And you're right YRIV is a total fraud of a company. That long 9 month annihilation on the daily chart was due to SEC investigation, during which insiders dumped all of their shares.

Willbee_Rich May 06, 19 3:01 PM

Great Lesson Huddie. Thank You for sharing. Please keep them coming!!!

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DominicanWolf Apr 14, 19 11:50 AM

Awesome post! It is inspiring me to keep learning the market and pursue my dream of being a full time trader! Thank you Mason

MikeyMoe May 19, 19 7:43 AM

Lots of good nuggs of wisdom here. I'm almost 2 months into the challenge now and glad to come across a post like this. It's refreshing to see some long bias, everywhere I turn it seems that people want to drop the hammer on stocks-ha! I can see where you are coming from with understanding the mindset of a short seller to help with long setups--Spikeability and Short Stocking have given me some perspective on this, as well as SEC filings and the book the art of short selling by kathryn staley se

wildwes Sep 09, 19 7:51 PM

awesome post @mason_fecht! I've been focusing lately on avoiding getting shaken out of my trades and am having much more success!

Drogomirdrogon Sep 09, 19 11:46 PM

wow man, very inspiring! thanks for taking the time to share this with us. i've been a trading challenge student for a under a year now but i've only been trading for about 4 months. When i get discouraged its post like this that perk me back up and keep me focused. Thanks.

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jungem05 Mar 21, 18 5:40 PM

Yeah I've noticed that as well. At least this week and last, it seems that most of the plays are done and over with by 10:00am. For me personally, I haven't had that click yet were I learn how to catch stocks as soon as they spike or just before. I've been entering on the breakout of a pullback or from resistance. But in either case most of the 20,30, or 40% run is done and i'm left with 5 or 10% or it turns out to be a fakeout breakout.

Growth4me Mar 21, 18 8:01 PM

Like Tim says be patient. If I were to do it over I would understand everything your studying and watch the stocks and don't trade until you can see trades happen with success.

jungem05 Mar 21, 18 8:20 PM

That's good advice. For me it's hard to be patient with anything but I'll work on it.

Growth4me Mar 21, 18 9:22 PM

Same here I've had to force myself to be patient because thats how this game is.

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AWBrennan Oct 06, 17 2:17 PM

Oh My God. I could have written that word for word on $ LINU and add to the fact it was the middle of the freaking day. I had a stop loss ready to go except Tim Bohen thought this was a near perfect set up. another mistake by listening to someone against my want to exit the trade. lolololol

penny_WISE Oct 06, 17 6:29 PM

Yes, yes, yes! I had some really great trades this week. And then I had even more terrible trades... really, really bad. FOMO and not having patience were my two killers. Also, I just need to study more, to truly understand where the bottom support is at. I am still not understanding it completely yet and need to be more conservative on my trades until I get it...or don't trade at all!

kdizzle Oct 06, 17 6:31 PM

You tell yourself you won't fomo again but honestly a fomo every now and agin isn't the worst thing as you are in action which

kdizzle Oct 06, 17 6:34 PM

God I wosh you could edit comments and doing this on a mobile phone is just too difficult so I'll end with Good Luck and keep trading as like active traders are a dime a dozen around here.

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Kody Sep 29, 17 5:16 PM

@kdizzle hey man we all gotta start somewhere and you're in the green =]

Growth4me Sep 29, 17 5:35 PM

I have the opposite problem of getting in when the stock turns around. I also buy before I should. Keep your plan about missing your entry that is good. I found lately to watch longer especially in the morning because of what happened to you. You should watch the "Spikeability" dvd that opened my eyes.

Growth4me Sep 29, 17 5:37 PM

Where you got out of the stock at a 2 cent drop. This is where you need to wait longer before you buy. This is one of the things you have to experience to find the right time

Kody Sep 29, 17 7:00 PM

@Growth4me thanks for that! Yeah if I waited for volume to come in would have been a more convincing entry. The ticker was NETE, got in at .76 and bailed at .74 then look where it went. I probably could have set my risk a little lower to LOD.

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