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GroundUp Feb 24, 8:14 PM

I guess this dude gave up, guess his luck ran out. Maybe some traders should educate themselves before trying to educate others.

jtran Feb 24, 8:19 PM

@GroundUp not sure what you have against this guy. Just because he isn’t posting his trades on Profitly or coming out with material it doesn’t mean he lost everything. All I know is that mason is one smart dude and knows what he is doing. He will definitely succeed.

atlastowander Mar 11, 8:24 PM

Thanks for the blog post man! Super helpful!

DominicanWolf Apr 14, 11:50 AM

Awesome post! It is inspiring me to keep learning the market and pursue my dream of being a full time trader! Thank you Mason

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AWBrennan Oct 06, 17 2:17 PM

Oh My God. I could have written that word for word on $ LINU and add to the fact it was the middle of the freaking day. I had a stop loss ready to go except Tim Bohen thought this was a near perfect set up. another mistake by listening to someone against my want to exit the trade. lolololol

penny_WISE Oct 06, 17 6:29 PM

Yes, yes, yes! I had some really great trades this week. And then I had even more terrible trades... really, really bad. FOMO and not having patience were my two killers. Also, I just need to study more, to truly understand where the bottom support is at. I am still not understanding it completely yet and need to be more conservative on my trades until I get it...or don't trade at all!

kdizzle Oct 06, 17 6:31 PM

You tell yourself you won't fomo again but honestly a fomo every now and agin isn't the worst thing as you are in action which

kdizzle Oct 06, 17 6:34 PM

God I wosh you could edit comments and doing this on a mobile phone is just too difficult so I'll end with Good Luck and keep trading as like active traders are a dime a dozen around here.

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