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JMad Nov 13, 11:20 AM

such an awesome video lesson. super informative. thank you so much

RoyCreditor Nov 13, 11:48 AM

When you talk about learning the pattern so you can recognize it and aggresively profit from it, that is the 'conviction' which lx21 talks about in his Las Vegas presentation in the Pennystocking Framework, HTMM, and Trader checklist DVDs. Jamil mentions it in The Complete Penny Stock course too. I really love it! You continue to make DVD quality video lessons. Thank you SOOOO much and keep it up. It's awesome!

Edu Nov 13, 12:46 PM

This is an awesome video Huddie. Thank you very much for this!

bnewell13 Nov 17, 12:28 PM

Awesome Michael, thanks for the video.

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BetterTraderJax Aug 05, 4:06 PM

Mark mentioned in his webinar something about a link you posted on Guy Gentile and Fit Broker? Can you please share? Ty

FitGirl Aug 05, 6:30 PM

@BetterTraderJax Mint Broker and Guy Gentile on Twitter is @guygentile owner od Mintbroker and suretrader (same company on paper). He has been pumping stocks as shorts and running them up as longs, claiming losses and then the SEC Form 3 or 4 the next day or two will show that he purchsed millions of shares of these companies.

FitGirl Aug 05, 6:32 PM

@BetterTraderJax has the SEC filing and I reposted all of it on my twitter account @tradingfitgirl

BetterTraderJax Aug 06, 8:03 PM

Thanks FitGirl for the information. I added your twitter account too!!

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Here we go...

FitGirl Jul 25, 12:09 PM

@Happycamper I have watched all of the DVD's and find trading tickers and spikeability the most helpful for what I am working on. I have been trading since April, live, but this month has been brutal with my college courses, so just paper trading as I have zero focus and do not want to lose by forcing a trade.

FitGirl Jul 25, 12:12 PM

@sampahtrader just saw your post, the way I watch for big movers (before they move) is by using volume scans. Michael Goode, though boring, explains these in depth in a few of the webinars that he has done. They don't necessarily move the first day of volume, but it is a good indicator as long as they are low float.

HappyMoni Oct 01, 11:27 AM

@FitGirl Congratulations in your trade today!. When you talk about Michael Goode Webinars do you remember which one so I can watch it. I need to improve my strategies :) thank you !

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