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michaelGscott May 13, 7:10 PM

This lesson is painful, but priceless, this will not define you, but be one of the cornerstones in your trading history. Chin up, it's only up from HEAR

Miah May 17, 10:09 PM

Bro, I could feel your pain as you were walking us through the trade on HEAR. That is huge to man up to, thank you for sharing. I went through something similar on $I when it b/o on earnings ramping to the 13's. Not near as much of a loss ($700) but I know the feeling. I got stubborn and ignored price action wanted that thing to fail. You're all ready a better trader bc of this, you'll be surprised how fast you get your losses back. Stick to your rules, see you in chat.

dmatin May 23, 7:26 PM

You have a lot of balls for posting this. Thank you man, and good luck.

Jackaroo May 23, 8:30 PM

@dmatin best way to overcome/grow from a loss in my opinion.

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Clovis May 23, 9:31 PM

Wow, I love the detailed information here...Thank you and you will make the money back plus plus ;)

papajohn May 23, 10:49 PM

@Clovis yep for sure. I already have. I’m at new all time highs now.

Clovis May 24, 8:28 AM

Awesome! I just need to turn my chart around like you

SKYisDLimit May 24, 8:54 AM

trust me when I say be patient, I learn that I was overtrading just to trade, I was making charts to look like I wanted them to look and not allow the truth to be told. I spent about 100hrs just watch the tim video's and just stop trading. I also sold all my stock at a neg or maybe a small gain, but mostly at a neg. Hard to see that money go down the drain. Study and find your style. most of all do not follow or chase the chat rooms picks. 99.9% of the time they ae in the stock that they mentio

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papajohn Feb 19, 8:01 PM

@JKelly lol. Yeah I considered CP but I think I will wait until I am shorting more before I try them out. It looks like they have a lot of fees for just about everything and since I mainly go long, IB should offer me everything I need.

Sheffey Feb 20, 11:36 PM

Congrats - very inspiring to see your success!

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@dux Hey Dux, what would you recommend the minimum sample size should be for back testing a known strategy? Sorry man I know you're busy but this question is killing me and I need to hear it from the spreadsheet man himself lol.

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dux Feb 13, 4:40 PM

long and short ratio suppose to be 1:3 so if you use 1000 for long then 3000 for short. it really depends, i use 5000USD to test long strats 15000 for shorts

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TheFirstLadyOfTea Feb 01, 3:49 PM

This reminds me so much about the crypto ;)) When it reached really high in last Dec, I thought-it could go higher..just wait...then it crashed in Jan...Should have sold half then dip buy if I want...Great post, as usual!!!!

Amseko Feb 04, 4:58 PM

nice and thanks

JKelly Feb 05, 8:41 PM

If you trade with a Macbook, Just open QuickTime and click "New Screen Recording" and Boom. Best software out there.

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andrewfael Jan 24, 3:28 AM

Great Post, and congrats on making back your losses, keep it up!

ZachR Feb 09, 5:46 PM

Nice Work thanks for posting.

JKelly Feb 10, 12:50 PM

@Javadmila Don't focus on trying to make a trade work midday. It rarely works out and rarely do solid setups present themselves midday. Wait until 2PMest and one to look for HOD breakouts and stuff that is holding its gains on the day, has great volume, is setting higher lows and buy the HOD break. Look at my ACBFF trade here: for a chart example. Hope this helps

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@dux Hi Buddy, How to see if a company has issued warrants? Where do you typically look to check warrants?

dmatin Feb 13, 1:27 PM

10Q is where you want to look first. If it's too old try the 8k's.

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TradeSmall Jan 20, 4:17 PM

When entering a trade, it helps to have a stop loss price pre determined just in case things don't go my way.

huperauxano Jan 23, 1:41 AM

You are right - reacting to price action is better than trying to meet your expectations about a trade.

dmatin Jan 23, 8:19 PM

MYSZ failed morning spike got me too, and I didn't even chase but got an excellent entry. There are times where you should be patient and there are times where you shouldn't.

riplies24 Jan 28, 10:16 PM

thanks for the replies, good info!

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