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9er9erjo Mar 29, 20 12:43 AM failed...3Q earnings report Mar 30.. almost 340M shares changing haaands...whats in the news?

Tunde1306 Mar 29, 20 3:30 PM

I don't trust it. I seen what happened friday but I also remember what happened like a month ago when all shipper stocks randomly started pumping one morning and within 2 hours they all dumped from green to red into new all time lows. Be careful.

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TradeSmall Mar 25, 20 6:28 PM

Try tracking all 83 of your trades on an excel sheet. Categorize them into different buying strategies. (dip buy, breakout.. etc.) then do the same for all stocks you find on your scanner.

TradeSmall Mar 25, 20 8:53 PM

Not long. Started the Pennystocking with Tim Sykes in 2016/2017. Didn't trade for a few years, just got back in the game end of Feb this year.

ragincajun83 Mar 25, 20 9:32 PM

just always remembering rule #1, even if it costs you a day trade, doesn't matter, just cut losses. that's the first thing you HAVE to get down. Being able to just CUT IT! With that, comes the patience piece. It's always fun to think about chasing a home run, but there are slower, smarter ways to grow. I all you made is $100.00 for the week it's better than ANY negative. hope this helps.

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ragincajun83 Mar 21, 20 12:30 PM

Appreciate you. and oooohhhh trust me. This is why I trade. I'm the fucken Gladiator.

DThaSavage Mar 21, 20 2:23 PM

With all these plays its easy to forget about the PDT.. same thing happend to me this week with Etrade. Definlty a huge learning lesson. We will definitely bounce back

ragincajun83 Mar 21, 20 2:35 PM

Oh for sure! I'm glad that I'm able to coach myself and correct the behavior! Definitely looking forward to next week!

TradeSmall Mar 22, 20 6:49 PM

"... I didn't cut my losses because but I didn't want to 'waste' another day trade..." That was me Friday, my 5-7% risk turned into a 26% loss. LOL

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Madison Mar 02, 20 7:01 PM

I don't recall hearing Schwab recommended but I am quite satisfied. I use their StreetSmart Edge app. It is exceptionally versatile. My only beef is that there have been a few times when Schwab was unable to get me the stocks I needed to short. When I can make enough money, I plan to use an additional broker as a backup but still using Schwab as my goto app.

Neved11 Mar 02, 20 7:12 PM

Thank you guys for giving me options i really appreciate it

Stefan_G Mar 02, 20 7:14 PM

etrade for long, cobra and speedtrader pro short. im no us resident, so i use IB. im happy with it, super stable and fast, but pay some commisions.

Raylbc27 Mar 03, 20 9:50 PM

I been with TOS and it's been great! For sure get away from Robinhood! I think they are still having some issues. Don't want to wake up and can't sell your stocks!

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TradeSmall Jan 20, 18 3:17 PM

When entering a trade, it helps to have a stop loss price pre determined just in case things don't go my way.

huperauxano Jan 23, 18 12:41 AM

You are right - reacting to price action is better than trying to meet your expectations about a trade.

dmatin Jan 23, 18 7:19 PM

MYSZ failed morning spike got me too, and I didn't even chase but got an excellent entry. There are times where you should be patient and there are times where you shouldn't.

riplies24 Jan 28, 18 9:16 PM

thanks for the replies, good info!

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