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andrewfael Jan 24, 3:28 AM

Great Post, and congrats on making back your losses, keep it up!

ZachR Feb 09, 5:46 PM

Nice Work thanks for posting.

JKelly Feb 10, 12:50 PM

@Javadmila Don't focus on trying to make a trade work midday. It rarely works out and rarely do solid setups present themselves midday. Wait until 2PMest and one to look for HOD breakouts and stuff that is holding its gains on the day, has great volume, is setting higher lows and buy the HOD break. Look at my ACBFF trade here: for a chart example. Hope this helps

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TradeSmall Jan 20, 4:17 PM

When entering a trade, it helps to have a stop loss price pre determined just in case things don't go my way.

huperauxano Jan 23, 1:41 AM

You are right - reacting to price action is better than trying to meet your expectations about a trade.

dmatin Jan 23, 8:19 PM

MYSZ failed morning spike got me too, and I didn't even chase but got an excellent entry. There are times where you should be patient and there are times where you shouldn't.

riplies24 Jan 28, 10:16 PM

thanks for the replies, good info!

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TradeSmall Jan 12, 10:40 PM

Great analysis of your own trades. Just a quick comment on #4. Would you have been able to see this stock on your scanner the prior day? And would you have known it would spike?

SithLord Jan 12, 11:22 PM

Yes. I did scanned the day before and had a feeling it still had room to run. 52 week chart looked great. Very bullish. I'm just a rookie and learning the fundamentals. Knowing when to buy is important. If you can't get a good entry, then it's hard to make any money.

TradeSmall Jan 13, 8:05 AM

I see. I totally agree. Good entry also means lower risk level

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