Weefirepengy Mar 27, 5:24 PM

hello, one thing i noticed is that most supernova alerts are also the biggest premarket gainers. ASTC was the number one premarket gainer before tim alerted it. there were a few others but clearly this one was the best pick. I recently started using stockmarketwatch premarket gainer notifications. I know StocksToTrade is most likely way more efficient and can do the same thing. But if you go to stockmarketwatch.com you should be able to easily find the premarket gainer. hope this helps

Weefirepengy Mar 27, 5:26 PM

forgot to mention stockmarketwatch pre market gainer notifications are free as well just needs an email

Madison Mar 27, 7:21 PM

Thank you, Weefirepengy!

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Madison Mar 02, 8:01 PM

I don't recall hearing Schwab recommended but I am quite satisfied. I use their StreetSmart Edge app. It is exceptionally versatile. My only beef is that there have been a few times when Schwab was unable to get me the stocks I needed to short. When I can make enough money, I plan to use an additional broker as a backup but still using Schwab as my goto app.

Neved11 Mar 02, 8:12 PM

Thank you guys for giving me options i really appreciate it

Stefan_G Mar 02, 8:14 PM

etrade for long, cobra and speedtrader pro short. im no us resident, so i use IB. im happy with it, super stable and fast, but pay some commisions.

Raylbc27 Mar 03, 10:50 PM

I been with TOS and it's been great! For sure get away from Robinhood! I think they are still having some issues. Don't want to wake up and can't sell your stocks!

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tradewithvlad Feb 02, 4:57 PM

The best way to see if it will work or not is to run multiple test. Have a sample size of at least 25 tickers in the same market (ie Nasdaq, NYSE, AMEX, OTC) same market cap, around the same float and news. If you do that you can get a real sample size to see if this strategy would work. Hope that helps.

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