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26R_COLE Oct 02, 21 6:18 PM

Thank you for the trade review Huddie

ChrisHollingsworth Jun 21, 22 1:49 PM

Trading psychology plays *huge* part in how results are achieved. If you feel like you are constantly going against the market, you will be discouraged and less likely to stick to it! This gives the opportunity for use and education of computers, the internet, software and high-speed connection to schools and also do visit site to get more stuff about technology. Technology gives the ability to take over the traditional

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richesndreams Aug 11, 18 9:34 PM

I am encouraged! Thank you for this post, for the reminders and for telling me that you used to use STT but that you use Equity Feed now. Thank you! I must do better on discipline and focusing on a smaller number of set-ups and STICK TO THEM without allowing FOMO to get to me! I know I NEED MUCH MORE DISCIPLINE!! I need to turn this losing ship around!!

LHowell Aug 15, 18 12:32 AM

Thank you for sharing your very honest and inspiring anniversary post!

brandonkoy Feb 20, 4:34 PM

great reminder a few big losses makes a big difference, track your trades to find your strengths, narrow your focus and play the setups that fit you best, bet conservative, refine your exit strategy to capture bigger pieces of the moves.

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Angel_ Apr 16, 18 3:59 PM

@papajohn Thank you for your honest and humble analysis of your situation. Glad to be on this journey with people like you.

KenKwan Apr 19, 18 5:39 PM

Kudos to you. I probably would have quit seeing such a drawdown. Thanks for sharing your fighting mentality!

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TimeFliesBuy Mar 31, 18 3:28 PM

The market is weird right now but usually we can track what is hot, nit just sectors but sometimes just CEO letter to shareholders or an 8K about an upcoming reverse split. So before going into a chat you need to know what is hot and cold right now.

SKYisDLimit Mar 31, 18 7:24 PM

Short term long is what I like, very hard to find stock to short...I do look for hot sectors, But what I look for is the bottoms and gettin in on a bounce. The Charts mess with my plans the past several weeks and just killed my account.

TimeFliesBuy Mar 31, 18 8:03 PM

Shorting JNUG or any ETF through an option is a recipe for disaster unless you have a time-tested strategy or an ALGO that has been heavily backtested. I'll send you a message shortly.

SKYisDLimit Apr 01, 18 7:50 PM

Agree with that said, most of my JNUG are channel trades, between 12.80 and 14.00 i have followed this for the past year and it has a good trend i can follow.

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