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PXS Jun 26, 21 2:45 AM

Just finish watching your interview with Tim and Jack. Looked you up and read this wonderful message, thank you again for taking the time and for sharing.

TessaLamping Oct 20, 21 2:12 AM

I truly appreciate you writing this and taking the time to help others. such an incredible post and talking with you really impacted me. I truly appreciate everything and will keep referring to your stuff. Thank you SO much!

TomLow Nov 26, 21 12:32 AM

thank you Dom for sharing

8Munstercheese Jul 31, 3:26 PM

This is what I need to read today. Thank you so much. I've been in the trenches since starting this challenge a couple years ago and my profit chart should look more like -40k. I'm doing everything I can to not give up and trade smarter.

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CarolleP Oct 12, 21 3:01 AM

Love it! thank you for sharing your knowledge, i am new to Tim's Challenge. I loved your clear go-to and would love to read some more ;)

holtzy Oct 22, 21 12:15 AM

This post was enjoyable and insightful. Thank you for taking the time to write about your journey. I appreciate the detail in your descriptions of your process. Thanks again!

Charlie911s Nov 19, 21 6:06 AM

Fantastic post. I've read a lot of takes on investing, work and wealth - this is by far the most concise and insightful representation of how that journey should be experienced.

Coopaloop May 03, 8:13 PM

thanks for the process thoughts this helps a lot

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@Patrickxfit Hi I just joined MC this week so my plan is to be very patient ad watch the successful guys do their thing and wait till I feel the vibes. Keeping the faith

weytrader May 01, 18 4:45 PM

yes but it is important to know how many trades to guage the activity of the volume...i think

Patrick1967 May 01, 18 5:46 PM

The level 2 box shows how big each sale and buy is which gives you an idea of number of trades.

weytrader May 01, 18 5:51 PM

yes that you have STT?

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Crazey_Canuck Apr 03, 21 10:52 AM

OMG That was fricken incredible Huddie your explanations are very clear for me have to watch this again and again along with Grittani's Trading Tickers again I missed alot thank you again Michael Hudson awesome stuff. Peace Out!

26R_COLE Sep 25, 21 9:27 PM

Thank you for the video lesson Huddie. Great explanation of the framework

Frich1983 Nov 22, 3:05 AM

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