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richesndreams Aug 11, 18 9:34 PM

I am encouraged! Thank you for this post, for the reminders and for telling me that you used to use STT but that you use Equity Feed now. Thank you! I must do better on discipline and focusing on a smaller number of set-ups and STICK TO THEM without allowing FOMO to get to me! I know I NEED MUCH MORE DISCIPLINE!! I need to turn this losing ship around!!

LHowell Aug 15, 18 12:32 AM

Thank you for sharing your very honest and inspiring anniversary post!

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mrsunny Apr 23, 17 4:53 PM

Nice post. It really helps to build the confidence when you hear success stories

itsamiracl3 Apr 23, 17 11:55 PM

@mrsunny Thank you! Don't get me wrong, it's not a lot of money yet and anything could happen but def getting there!

asfricksrs Apr 26, 17 9:35 PM

Thanks for the inspiration from another noob!

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donebeingpoor Mar 08, 17 4:53 AM

Did AUPH have a good reaction to Mondays conference or presentation by the company? Is that why the stock uptrended today on what was a down market day?

donebeingpoor Mar 08, 17 4:54 AM

Thanks for making this lesson, especially from a profitable trader like you. I appreciate it. I learned something from it.

Turbobob Mar 08, 17 7:46 AM

Probably. Also the momentum from the previous day helped to carry it higher

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Kigotho_007 Feb 08, 17 2:27 AM

Hello. I'm also a new student.Im currently paper trading until I gain more confidence in trading and until I get a proper strategy.I also have the same problem of not being to scan for my own stocks but very soon we will get there

Deep Feb 08, 17 11:00 AM

@Kigotho_007 yeah I think it's something you develop over experience

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