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Peachtart May 24, 9:07 AM

Brilliant !! And so well-explained. I understood everything you were trying to convey. Thanks so much.

BruceLeeroy May 26, 2:53 AM

watched the video 2x. shined a light on why stocks spiked so much on lower volume in the past. and not do the same on comparable volume now a days.. cheers. @fundamentalanalysis

mynbtsa May 28, 10:36 PM

Great video and excellent detail , Thanks Huddie

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asfricksrs Apr 09, 3:23 PM

George - that was great watching the condensed version of your W/L preparation - funny too !! Thank you for getting "after it" as we try to balance this quest with life. Enjoyed the references to you with TB on the tube last night (4/8) - great work. Keep them coming, very good!

HIMMENY Apr 10, 10:25 AM

@asfricksrs thanks for watching! i always enjoy your input :) TB is the man haha, thank you, glad you enjoyed!

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Sheffey Apr 13, 1:07 PM

Great video and a great takeaway - "Mimic Perfection" as you referenced playing those set ups that really work. Great way to say it - THANKS!!

amsbeats Apr 25, 12:05 AM

Great stuff! And you're right YRIV is a total fraud of a company. That long 9 month annihilation on the daily chart was due to SEC investigation, during which insiders dumped all of their shares.

Willbee_Rich May 06, 3:01 PM

Great Lesson Huddie. Thank You for sharing. Please keep them coming!!!

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kobayashimaru Apr 03, 9:32 PM

Good post and so true, to become the master you must learn from the master or be forever blinded by ill teachings

asfricksrs Apr 03, 9:48 PM

Thanks Chopper, I always enjoy your posts and the wisdom your journey has given to you. I like to glean teachings by listening to the action of wisdom from mentors. At my stage of the journey that at times can constitute 99% of the traders in the TS world as I am a slow learner trying to stay in the marathon. Goals are always set for the next level...and if growth is not achievable then the scenery needs to change. I remember the first nuggets of wisdom that rattled in my brain, they were a

asfricksrs Apr 03, 9:53 PM

comment routinely given in chat that I had zip knowledge about - I can only hope to do the same - we can always turn off the noise. Thanks Chopper for keeping it REAL, just like Tim!!

aprilove Apr 04, 2:05 AM

so true we all want to achieve at our own pace what Tim has achieved. thank you guys

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redwagonrider Mar 30, 1:42 PM

Nice wrap up. Thanks for posting. Confidence comes from experience. Don't force the trades. practice confronting the fears you have elsewhere in your life to gain experience in handling the conse

asfricksrs Mar 30, 7:56 PM

Always good to read your recaps about your journey as we all experience similar issues.. Thanks again for staying positive in chat along with all your helpful posts. Keep up the hard work, we will get this !!

Jakestocks52 Mar 31, 2:14 AM

@asfricksrs thank you for your feedback, and yeah i know that's why i post this stuff. I love encouraging others and i live by positivity. Yes we will!

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