I love how $PURA telegraphed upcoming news tomorrow too: Puration will publish an online presentation tomorrow with more insight and details on the financial report published today and how it supports the company's business plan and objectives. The presentation will include an update on the pending dividend declaration coming in conjunction with the recent spinoff of Puration's cannabis cultivation business.

architectwon Nov 13, 4:20 PM

Thank You Tim... I am very new since Sat.. So I am going to just watch very closely tomorrow real live action...!

architectwon Nov 13, 4:39 PM

Halfway watching your Moscow videos... Every word you said is so precious! I watched your 2016's interview with Aaron Fifield of Chad WithTraders EP 047...... "https://youtu.be/E1Pbld_xZBU".... it is an 1hr21min interview... everything you said was so so so important..! I encourage all other student to watch this if you have not already done so... It is very long... but I cut the listening time down to maybe 50 min. instead by setting the playback speed to 1.5x... It speaks faster and make it m

skatermdw Nov 13, 11:50 PM

This news will probably give it legs to run. I will be watching. Thank you Tim.

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When you buy the most volatile, biggest % gainers in the entire market and you go to sleep thinking everything is just gonna be okay, c'mon.....it doesn't matter whether I lose $500 or $3k but I like showing you how on guard I am with EVERY $ I risk trading

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skatermdw Nov 01, 10:10 PM

The name of the game, take profit and minimize loss,nothing for a sleeper but a dream..

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MCreator Dec 03, 12:59 PM

Great blog, Mason. Thanks for sharing! Would love videos on more details on catalysts and how you decide which trades you're going to enter.

SeaCruz Dec 05, 10:19 PM

Very inspiring. Thank you.

JackieChan Dec 08, 2:00 AM

Thank you Mason for sharing your thoughts and insights for us! Best wish for your long trading journey! As time goes,we all learn and get better at a time, our wish will come true! Hope to hear from you soon!

GroundUp Dec 11, 1:39 PM

Mason, I'll give you some help look at (NBEV) today at 5.55.

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