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D22 Oct 24, 11:54 PM

@skatermdw thanks! happy I could help and that you enjoyed it. ithe process is absolutely about self awareness and self discovery. tinkering and testing to find what works for yourself and your personality. just need some more momo in these markets, lol

D22 Oct 24, 11:57 PM

@redwagonrider each name/ticker I trade differently based on how they act. intraday volatility, levels that setup with solid vol, key areas of support and resistance, if lvl2 says theres sellers, dip buyers, shorts, or covers. theres a lot of things to take into consideration on each trade and setup. I have seen some % gains start in a/h but I can't generalize it to all of them; if that makes sense.

redwagonrider Oct 25, 7:04 AM

@D22 I totally agree. I guess my observation would be that, as in regards to what triggers the OEGD, the buyers drying up, and a shift of control to the sellers, I was seeing the same occur in the OEGU setup, but I was curious if the correlation happened immediately, ie... (ah) when short sellers move off the ask, and underwater longs stop hitting the bid, and late profit takers pull their orders and continue to baghold. Is that relief immediately noticeable and the momentum switch that gives th

redwagonrider Oct 25, 7:08 AM

the gap up formula its start. I agree total that we start with general ideas, find instances that support that idea, refine the criteria to become more stringet, and see where our strategies pass/ fail and the odds that as we refine something do our odds improve or decline. I would be curious to know what your come up with as you research it further.

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jcash3485 Oct 20, 8:51 PM

Thanks jack, would like to see more videos of the otc swizzle and your long setups

cdouray73 Oct 29, 1:04 PM

Thanks for sharing and keeping it straightforward

MoonShot Nov 01, 4:03 PM

Congrats on getting back to your bread & butter setups and not letting success derail you.

Steve626 Nov 06, 9:05 PM

Great lesson, very simple in keeping up with what works for you (me). Thanks!

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D22 Sep 15, 3:25 PM

@Moischeln thanks for the feedback. my pleasure to help :) I don't think sharing my spreadsheets would be as much value as you'd think. the setups I trade aren't super relevant to HOW you'd trade it or even the same setups that work for your personality. so even if I shared the spreadsheets you'd have to recreate them to work for you and understand the things you were looking for. I think its more valuable for me to share the thought process and psychology behind the setups and for you to dive d

D22 Sep 15, 3:27 PM

@millerruth23 Thank you! glad I could help. ill try and do more of these in the future for sure. could messages of feedback seem positive so ill try and put more out

Moischeln Sep 15, 3:42 PM

thanks for answering my questions!

D22 Sep 15, 3:44 PM

@Moischeln no problem, glad to help - keep up the studies! :)

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MichaelPuett Sep 15, 2:25 PM

Appreciate you showing the SEC filings and what youre looking for. Really great commentary on your entire thought process. #Blessed

Leftwichdonald Sep 23, 6:37 PM

@Huddie I was interested in your help if you can help me understand how to work this that would be awesome I tried to reach out to customer service but they're not responsive and also it seems as if you're doing a fantastic job on this as well my name is Donald and I hope to hear from you soon. Have a bless one

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