@dux Hi, Steven. I enjoyed your DVD. question, for the pre market breakout strategy, what are you looking for to put the right tickers on your watchlist for this particular strategy?

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thughes3 Jan 18, 10:40 PM

anyone questioning the strategies in the dvd needs to watch it again. and again. rewind parts, put your phone down and take notes. its literally typed out on the screen. -------- up 20-25% pre market (up at least that much) 9million and under float works the best (unless biotech), needs news, and low resistance, before he goes into the strategy he talks about the resistance. its all there.

10xLifeStyle Apr 28, 10:18 PM

Wow some people in here are so greedy. This amazing dude doesn’t have to help us out at all! He takes the time to put out free content and videos with Tim. Like grow up , put your big boy pants on and start studying. His main advice was find great mentors and learn the best from all of them . You don’t need to tell him what he does wrong . Worry about what you do wrong man. And you know know you are! This place is for uplifting not bashing! Please stop the crap thx!

SamH90 May 17, 6:34 PM

@bahamastrader123 If you don't know what consolidating in a channel means you're not making money because you are clueless. You have no business trading, which is why you're not making money. Study first, like a lot more before blaming someone else for your ignorance.

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($682) loss ZAGG Long Stock

Entry comments: I went bigger buying this recent earnings winner at day highs, breaking out of multi-day range, also a headset maker with HEAR going Supernova tot he 17s, this can run too

Exit comments: Tried to be patient, but its failing right at the key level of 14.70ish that has been an issue for it the past few days, I forced this trade a bit since HEAR was spiking too much, better to look at this on a dip buy later today or on a morning panic next week

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CowboyTrader May 14, 18 4:57 PM

I also recommend you use a paper account for a little while until you discover the pattern that initially works for you. I have to remind myself daily that trading is not a sprint ITS A MARATHON!! I have a small account also. Tim is great and his teachings are right on target. I have turned 2000 into 7730 in 18 days with small singles.

thughes3 May 21, 18 5:54 PM

@LugMM Pennystocking Framework 2, and TimFundementals 2 were great. the $150 a month for will benefit you greatly. hundreds of hours of material to study there. I wouldn't even try to trade until you have a solid month of studying and recognizing price action and movement. and once you do, definitely lay out rules for yourself.

thughes3 May 21, 18 5:57 PM

@LugMM For example. I will sit and wait for a stock for hours to come down or up to where i want it at my price. NEVER chase something. If you miss it get the next. You will get bad entries and eventually blow up your account. My max risk i've set for myself is 10% of my total position dollar size. the second it hits that i cut it. but if you're entering positions where you should, that shouldn't be a big problem.

thughes3 Jun 18, 18 12:43 AM

@TheMoneyLady Thats awesome! why haven't you uploaded any trades? its extremely helpful to see what your good at and what profits are actually happening.

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@dux your killing it! Thanks for the inspiration. We all have to start somewhere.

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canudropit2 Apr 24, 18 10:23 AM

Hi Steven, I know you're busy, just wondering which video lesson categories you chose to focus on when you were learning? Congrats on your success...keep it up!

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@lx21 Gregg, I loved your presentation featured in Tim's " How To Make Millions" DVD series. You present very well!

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SithLord Jun 21, 18 9:23 PM

Hi, Cameren. I'm not a Challenge student yet. Some day

RudolphAnthony Aug 25, 18 3:11 PM

Elusive LX21...One of the few that doesnt teach

thughes3 Sep 10, 18 12:11 AM

@RudolphAnthony Because he manages funds now and is legally not allowed to disclose information or teach

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