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Dreamchaser1976 Oct 17, 12:15 AM

I enjoyed your post very much, would definitely like to hear more. I plan on following you on and Twitter. Thank you for your time.

MissileMan Oct 17, 12:18 AM

Well written Mason. I would enjoy hearing more.

madamrouge Oct 17, 12:26 AM

Congrats on your success!! and yes; please more info on how to prepare. I made .50 a share with VTVT and lost .156 a share with HSGX. I need to study more;)

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[TimAlerts] CRBP may be thinking about testing its LOD at 7.0 and after that it's not far til 6.80 support. Worth watching today


[TimAlerts] Made 6.3% on $DRAM in 5 minutes. I'm keeping it small but seeing an improving trend in my excel sheet of trades. Keep studying and tracking trades!


[TimAlerts] NEO is holding its multi-month/multi-year breakout level and consolidating. Its the midday lull. No play for me until its price action shows me what it's going to do. First it will need to show weakness by breaking its intraday 6.2 b/o level

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